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BambooFresh™ Fridge Deodorizer

BambooFresh™ Fridge Deodorizer

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BambooFresh™ Fridge Deodorizer keeps vegetables crisp, fruit sweet, and your refrigerator fresh so you can enjoy every wholesomely delicious bite.

When you're trying to eat healthier, the last thing you need is stale tasting food. Permanently changing one's lifestyle is already a challenge. When you must choke down food that tastes like cardboard or rotten onions, healthier eating can become an arduous trial. Fortunately, the BambooFresh™ Fridge Deodorizer can purify your refrigerator, so your food smells and tastes fresh. The magic ingredient behind all this freshness is the 100% natural bamboo charcoal deodorizer. This powerful odor-buster continuously keeps your refrigerator's air pure.

This BambooFresh™ Fridge Deodorizer is made of 100% natural, eco-friendly materials designed to be better for your kitchen and the environment. A non-woven fabric makes this item leak-proof, and the vented plastic case is made from environmentally protective material. The bamboo charcoal deodorizer immediately gets to work removing odors while the eco-friendly packaging minimizes your carbon footprint. Getting healthier has never been easier.

  • Banishes bad refrigerator smells for up to six months.
  • Bamboo charcoal provides immediate freshening power.
  • Helps food retain appealing textures and fresh flavors.
  • Leak-proof satchel keeps deodorizer contained and shelves clean.
  • Slimline case saves valuable refrigerator space, so there’s more room for the foods you love.