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About Us

We believe that everyone can live sustainably while improving quality of life, by implementing small steps and making smart choices.

The story behind BambooFresh is one of environmental responsibility, giving back and the goal to pioneer products that may be small, but are huge in terms of promoting health and self happiness.

Candles and fancy room fresheners may smell nice, but these chemical laden deodorizers do more harm than good. Do you really want to fill your lungs with hazardous chemicals?

And paper towels have been overused carelessly in our day and age.  Paper waste has not only continued to drain our resources but also create more trash endangering our ecosystem.  Do we want to continue polluting our only home?

BambooFresh was created to help others have an ethical and sustainable choice that not only benefits the Earth but keeps your families home clean as well.  And naturally we accomplish this it with one of the strongest and quickest growing trees in the world, Bamboo.

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