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About Us

We believe that everyone can live sustainably while improving quality of life, by implementing small steps and making smart choices.

The story behind BambooFresh is one of environmental responsibility, giving back and the goal to pioneer products that may be small, but are huge in terms of promoting health and self happiness.

Candles and fancy room fresheners may smell nice, but these chemical laden deodorizers do more harm than good. Do you really want to fill your lungs with formaldehyde and petroleum? With bamboo charcoal, you don’t need to sacrifice modern comfort to live sustainably.

The process for creating our minimalistic air purifying bags is straightforward. Organically grown bamboo stalks are chopped into tiny pieces and exposed to high temperatures until fibers are broken down. This results in highly porous charcoal. When activated in the sun and placed in an enclosed space, a magnetic effect attracts odors, mildew, pollutants and allergens, capturing free radicals within the pores and working as a natural filter. The surrounding air is noticeably cleaner and overall, it’s healthier.

Use BambooFresh for up to 2 years. Once it has reached the end of its life cycle, mix the charcoal into the soil of your garden for easy biodegradability. It’s really that simple!